Fukang City Project,Huaian City

Huakangda committed to the construction of residential doors and Windows

This project total amount is 2 million US dollars. The address is in Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province and the content is to provide doors, windows and installation services for residential buildings.

Huakangda is an excellent expert in door and window solutions. From initial design to product production to installation and acceptance, the entire process is completed by our own factory.

The climate in Huaian, Jiangsu requires that doors and windows not only have an elegant appearance, but also resist various weather conditions.

Huakangda has conducted corresponding thermal insulation tests, product certificates, etc. to meet customer needs.

This community is not only a high-rise building, but also a reflection of Huakangda’s capabilities in door and window projects. We have the ability to complete large-scale, high-demand engineering door and window projects in a short period of time, and have won love and praise from customers.

Huakangda’s unwavering commitment to its products is reflected in its compliance with the project’s strict standards set locally. Every door and window installed on the project exceeds these standards, ensuring residents not only experience unparalleled luxury, but also benefit from Huakangda’s craftsmanship.

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